Dr. Bass Periodontal Disease Toothbrush

Periodontal Disease Toothbrush

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This is the original Dr. Charles C. Bass toothbrush. Dr. Bass, a medical doctor, was
diagnosed with periodontal disease which he overcame. He ended up spending 20
years of his life researching oral hygiene issues and developed a simple method and
products enabling virtually everyone to enjoy a lifetime of perfect dental health. His
brushing technique was designed to get deep into the gingival crevice and remove
unwanted bacteria and other soft material.

Dr. Bass’s perfectly designed toothbrush is:
- Designed with a plain straight handle
- Approximately 6” long
- About 7/16 “ wide
- 3 rows of bristles
- 6 tufts per row evenly spaced
- High quality nylon bristles
- .007” diameter per bristle
- 13/32” bristle length
- Ends of bristles ground and finished to hemispherical shape with no sharp points
or rough edges

Dr. Bass died at 100 with all his teeth.



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